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Dogs are most comfortable with a capable leader leading. That decreases stress and affords them a greater feeling of peace and security

Progressive Training 

Progressive Training is a really fun pathway to harmony and bliss! Along the way you will explore a deeper connection with your dog, together as a team executing movements and routines all of which have an underlying educational or behavior shaping aspect. If you have prior training or experience with dogs we’ll of course build upon what you already know and progress from there rather than make you retake unnecessary basics. For novices, generally speaking we’ll begin with basics and advance to the more complex and sublime, including along the way varied and interesting modes of Sit, Down, Stand, short and long Stays with increasing levels of distraction and varying times, distances and purpose, Fronts and Finishes, Attention and Release cues, “Automatic” Recalls (come-when-called, static through multi-level distractions). You will learn the mechanics of professional leash handling, learn to lead through pace change and pivot cues, Heeling (both stationary and moving) and many other things! 

Dogs thrive on routine! To practice and perform daily routines with your dog supports the overarching principals, philosophy and benefits of training while providing structure and routine in your dog's (and your own) everyday life.   

Bonding with a dog is really quite easy! The moment you recognize that you have a relationship with your dog, building a strong bond comes down to nothing more than increasing the strength of that relationship!


There are so many ways to communicate with your dog! There are hand signals, eye signals, body language and stance signals, physical touch cues ranging from validation signals to various leash cues, audible cues (words, tone of voice cues and other vocalizations), physical sound cues (such as clicks and whistles), why there are even scent cues! Master these and you will be amazed at how you’ll practically be able to hold conversations with your dog! You will learn more about them (and they about you) than each of you ever imagined!

Polishing your leash handling skills will allow you to safely walk your dog outdoors! 

Loose Leash Walking !

Loose Leash Walking and Pro Leash Handling Techniques will turn your walks into fun and safe outings!  

We can help resolve issues in the home between your dog and other household pets, also with small children, elderly or disabled family members and visitors.  

​"When these issues arise (between cats and dogs) the solution to the problem needs to be individualized to the household and the pets involved."

"The most common thing that you will see is that the cat and dog learn how to communicate (the dog as a dog and the cat as a cat)"  

                    Dr. Gary Landsberg DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM

Ranger among other things had a “Complex” (highest) rating with then Delta Society (nka Pet Partners) and enjoyed having autistic kids read books to him. He also was deeply moved too receive holiday cards from kids, addressed to him and asking him to come back and let them read to him again! Just one example of the kind of things one can do with a well behaved, well trained dog! 

Paren​ts if you are seeking something to do together with your kids, few things in life rival the rewarding and valuable experiences shared raising, caring for and enjoying a pet!

Jack is a sweetheart but at one time he caused 18 stitches to a family member's face and was aggressive toward other dogs. Check him out on the Home page, lower left photo, at a dog park socializing perfectly nicely now with other dogs! 

By the way that's a Bully Stick Jack's chewing- most of you are familiar with them but for new dog owners and for anyone who isn't familiar these are great for dogs who need to release pent-up energy chewing! Much better than your sofa! They also work pretty well for keeping some dogs with separation anxiety occupied when you have to run out for a bit!       

Before we’d met this dog had bitten 11 people and dragged the kennel manager- a pretty big guy- by the leg across a kennel room!  We can assist with behavior modification for issues such as "nipping", excessive barking, jumping up and aggressive behavior.*

(*please scroll to the bottom of this page and read the fine print about dangerous dogs. Thank You!)      

Public Speaking engagements are so much fun, both large and small, adults or children. The seminar s​hown above left at the DuPage County Govt. Complex was for police, firefighters and Township CERT volunteers. I've also spoken regularly at public schools, park districts, rescue organizations and animal shelters on a wide variety of topics. Generally these events are volunteer or for very small compensation to offset travel expense. I enjoy doing these and I promise to add interest motivation and benefit to your event!  

Aside from my interest in promoting dog training as a profession and training as a way of life for dog owners, there is that kids who learn responsibility through taking care of an animal have an edge when it comes to parenting their own kids down the road (i.e. the well-behaved grandchildren that you hope for!). Conversely prospective young parents who’ve raised and trained dogs have a serious advantage when the time comes to raise kids. Prospective pet adoptees will do better when they acquire knowledge before adopting. Animals and people enjoy a safer and better quality of life through the sharing of information. Thats what makes volunteer work rewarding!   

Please call or message me for pricing and to talk about your dog's private training needs. Because I offer individualized training programs not every job is the same. Teaching basic training with a new puppy for example is not the same as conducting a high risk behavior remediation with a keyed-up, aggressive resource guarder that's eagerly awaiting his earliest opportunity to remove a limb. It wouldn't be fair to charge the puppy owner the same. Also every training destination has a different travel time and distance; driving an hour to get to you (which means an additional hour to drive home) is not the same as if we live in the same town. Then too, not all lessons require the same duration. There are a host of reasons why individual jobs can be different. That said it's important to me to be fair and I value repeat business and referrals. My rates are very competitive, especially considering the extras. I do frequent market surveys to stay on top of what competitors are charging. Like any honest tradesmen I’ll evaluate the particulars of a job and provide a quote or an estimate for open ended jobs. If a competitor is offering a special and you are on the fence talk to me and I'll do my best to meet or beat their terms!   

Please feel free to call me at  630-674-3647 

Alternately message me either here or at my email address:

If you're on Facebook please visit, Like and follow my page Dogs Love Training                             

Thank You!! 

Now for the Dangerous Dog "fine print":

Due to the extreme risk factors presented by some jobs I reserve unto myself and you agree by reason of accepting to do business with me that I have the right to decline and/or to recuse myself from any job at any time at my sole discretion. Fixing deep-seated issues with certain aggressive dogs may require extended, ongoing and intensive workouts with trainers having special facilities and specialized equipment that I do not possess or have access to. Such facilities commonly train police and military dogs, may have a personal trainer assigned to a dog 24/7 depending, and the cost for that is every bit as exorbitant as you might expect! If a job turns out to be beyond the scope of my ability I will do my utmost to help you find an alternative solution to pursue. You also agree that any monies paid to me, owed me for work I’ve done or expenses I've incurred up to the point of terminating a job will be considered non-refundable and/or due. That legalese being stated, I’m looking for a business not trying to discourage it and I will always strive to do my best to give you the fairest deal and the utmost for your money!

GROUP CLASSES: If you are reading these words I do not at this time have a group class in session or available. If in the future I plan to run a group class or an event having a fixed price I will create an Event notification and post it both here and on my Facebook page Dogs Love Training with the dates, times, location, enrollment fee and any particulars.

Thank You for visiting my Site, I very much look forward to talking with you soon!  

Private dog training. Individualized dog training programs for Elmhurst, Addison, Bensenville, Wood Dale, Woodridge, Bloomingdale, Villa Park, Lombard, Glendale Heights, Itasca, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Winfield, West Chicago, Lisle, Warrenville, Naperville, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Westmont, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Roselle, Northlake, Schaumburg, Hillside, Berkeley, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Forest Park, Berwyn, Des Plaines, La Grange, Brookfield, Western Springs, Westchester. 

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